1996 - Families meet in parks and homes in Virginia to share scarce resources and support for holistic and conscious parenting choices. Read the grassroots history here.

2003 - Delicious Living Magazine votes FCL one of Top Six National Nonprofits who are "Making A Difference"

2005 - FCL sponsors the first theatrical production of the now internationally renown play, Birth, by Karen Brody in celebration of the legalization of midwifery in Virginia. In 2011, FCL co-sponsored the production of Birth at the new Museum of Motherhood in NYC in celebration of our 15th anniversary.  See story and photos here.

2009 - In a nonprofit collaboration, FCL launched the Pathways Connect community-building program and founded 300 international groups.  Listen to the story in a teleconference here.

2010 - FCL's history and impact was documented by social anthropologist, Crista Craven, in Pushing for Midwives: Homebirth Mothers and the Reproductive Rights Movement.

2011FCL sponsored the first ever Mindful Mothering Conference at the new Museum of Motherhood in New York City in collaboration with the Institute of Noetic Science, IONS.


2012 - FCL launches the Kindred Magazine website with a generous grant from a philanthropist.

2013 - FCL and Kindred bring the social evolution story of parenting to seven US cities on a Parenting for a Peaceful World Tour with Australian psychotherapist and author, Robin Grille.

2014 - FCL launches the Parenting As A Hero's Journey webinar series and the Parent Liberation Project and Alliance.  

Forget Deep Space And Jungles. Today's Pioneers Are Families Exploring the Frontier Of A New Worldview From Their Own Backyards.

Lisa Reagan, c0-founder

current collaborations

FCL currently collaborates on a variety of projects for educating parents and professionals.  Watch for the new Touch the Future's Learning Center in 2014.  A listing of all of FCL's partners is forthcoming..

find your people

In 2014, FCL will launch its new Kindred Communities program and directory that will allow you to find your people - the ones who are also waiting for you - in your own backyard.

mission & vision

We are determined to bring forward the practical wisdom of holistic and whole systems living in creative and collaborative outreach projects with like-hearted organizations.

Slinging my diaper bag over my shoulder, I set out 16 years ago to ask a few simple questions about childhood, parenthood, where was my community and why most of the food in a grocery store made me sick. On my Mother (of a) Quest, I have met many wise guides and kindred souls who willingly point the way forward.  I am grateful for my teachers, the greatest of whom is my child, and passionate about participating in this consciousness-raising movement. "  

nonprofit History

Families for Conscious Living

Lisa Reagan

Kelly Wendorf

Teresa Graham Brett, JD

Liberty Liscomb

Michael Mendizza

Our Board Of Directors

Our Story...

As told by Lisa Reagan in 2012 on a teleconference to a group of holistic practitioners and parents.  Lisa shares her inquiry as a mother and journalist into the consciousness-raising movement later named "conscious parenting".  Sociologist, Paul Ray, PhD, shared with Lisa in 2012 why FCL supporters are Cultural Creatives who are "bringing forward a practical wisdom needed to transform the failing, industrial culture."  Bruce Lipton shared in Kindred's 2013 Live Q&A that "conscious parenting is the rule of the day to help us evolve from the mess we are in."